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"Visit the Best Yoga Retreats in India - Heal & Rejuvenate Yourself in an Authentic Yoga - Ayurveda Health Retreat in the Blue Mountains Surrounded by Miles of Healing Eucalyptus Forests, Fresh Water Streams, Rolling Hills and Ever Green Valleys."

One of the Yoga retreats in

India I want to share with you

is a located among the virginal environments in the whole

world. There is no mosquitoes,

or any enviormental problems

of pollution or hygiene problems which may be frequent in rest

of India. Also its no raining so much as the coast (Kerala and Goa)



Here are the list of the problems you can solve going

to the Yoga retreat in India



Stomach Problems

Blood Pressure

Sleep and Diet Arthritis

De - Addiction

Joint & Muscle Pain








Total Detoxification

Anti Aging


Energy & Strength

Beauty Therapy

Weight Loss


Training programs


Ayurveda Therapist Training

Advanced Yoga Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Meditation Training


Also you will benefit of:


Natural Ayurveda and Yoga therapies for depression, emotional problems, mental traumas.

Lose 10-29 Lbs in 3 weeks naturally & safely with our natural Ayurveda & Yoga therapy.

Excellent Detox and “addiction FREE ” Programs.

Quit smoking, Alcohol free and Drugs free through ancient & natural Ayurvedic programs/ Recover your healthy lifestyle, heal and rejuvenate yourself. In this authentic Yoga-Ayurveda health retreat you will experience true body, mind ad soul healing, rejuvenating in a natural and beautiful environment!


BOOK HERE before and get a discount surprise!


Map of the Yoga retreat in India














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